Alternate Service Futures

For most purposes, services design their offerings for success in the context of today's world. But when planning for the future, it is essential to consider ways in which today's environment might change in a longer time horizon, such as 7–10 years. This is especially important in industries with complex service landscapes such as healthcare, where technology and ways to engage stakeholders is changing rapidly, with inherent risks to organizations that are not prepared for those changes. This talk will discuss how challenging orthodoxies and considering alternate futures can highlight the potential for new structures and service models for an organization or an industry.

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Mark Jones

Founder, SD Lab

Mark is an award-winning service designer and senior thought leader who is currently a Visiting Industry Professor at IIT Institute of Design. Mark was previously the Vice President of Design for UnitedHealthcare HCD Studios and a Managing Director at IDEO Chicago. He has worked on projects such as reinventing retail banking for State Farm, designing a new service strategy for Walgreens and developing a healthcare toolkit called Gutcheck that helps patients achieve better cancer-screening outcomes. Mark is also the founder of SD Lab, a service design consultancy focused on innovation and experimental methods. His extensive design background and broad experience in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies allow him to uncover user issues, convert them into actionable design strategies and create memorable service experiences that not only serve customers’ needs but inspire long-term loyalty.

Mark has a BA in Fine Arts from Amherst College and a Masters of Design from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology.