Get Hands-On and Choose Your Workshop Adventure

We are excited we have six unique workshops to offer at the conference.
Note, each attendee can attend 1 workshop, sign up coming soon; workshops are 2 hours long.

The workshops are:
1. Ethics in Design: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Collaboration for Ethical Understanding,  
Ciara Taylor, freelance

2. Lessons from Black Mirror: Design fiction for Service Design, Chanda Patel + Halle Murray, Fjord

3. Connecting to the Market, Josh Clayton + Kathleen Hendrick, Peer Insight

4. Designing for Behaviour Change, Max Silverbrook + Amit Kiran, Bridgeable

5. Service Design + Biomimicry, Lisa Helminiak + Denny Royal, Azul Seven

6. Advanced Mapping of End-to-End Experiences, 
Robert Bau, Fjord