Why Only in Minneapolis: Insiders' Favorite Spots


Meet Yoshi Suzuki-Lambrecht, an SDN Minneapolis Chapter member. Here are three of his favorite hot spots—ideas for your time before and after the conference.

1. Aster Cafe is a beautiful and classy riverside cafe with a large patio and cozy bar. It's located in the beautiful and historic Old St. Anthony Main neighborhood with old brick roads. View Map

2. Constantine is for all cocktail snobs. They make amazing cocktails; nothing fancy or overly-creative, but simple and quality cocktails. View Map

3. The Bachelor Farmer is an eco-conscious cafe in the popular North Loop district serving Nordic-influenced fare using local, organic products. They have a neat system where you can order/open a bottle of wine, just have a glass or two, and then the open bottle is available for other guests to order for the rest of the evening. View Map