Connecting with a Mindset of Discovery: Building Trust and Community Through Laughter and Play

In this laughter-filled, interactive keynote, you will gain inspiration and proven-techniques from the world of improvisation to help you expand your comfort zone to create meaningful connections and drive positive change. You’ll learn how to foster a Mindset of Discovery to power your design practice and will connect with others in the room through hands on exercises and open conversation. This session will be led by Margi Simmons, the Director of Applied Improvisation at the Brave New Workshop, who trains and inspires thousands of professionals each year. The experience will be perfectly suited for introverts, extroverts, analytical thinkers, creative types, perfectionists (recovering or not), and anyone who enjoys having fun! Join us in jumping in and saying “Yes, And” to learning and growth.

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Margi Simmons

Brave New Workshop

Margi Simmons is the Director of Applied Improvisation for the Brave New Workshop Creative Outreach Division and works with individuals and teams to help them increase their self-awareness, communication, collaboration, and ideation skills by using techniques from the world of improvisation. Margi has performed, taught, and practiced improv for more than 15 years and in the past 10 years has worked with companies such as Land O’ Lakes, UnitedHealth Group, Hilton Worldwide, Heineken, General Mills, and U.S. Bank, to name a few. Margi is passionate about working with business groups and feels inspired when she can help professionals stretch, learn, and expand their comfort zones.