Service Design + Biomimicry 

In the natural world everything is connected. These connections are deep and omnipresent in ways that science is just beginning to understand. How might we harness the lessons from nature to better inform our service delivery ecosystems?

What can nature teach us about design? How can you start to recognize the deep patterns in nature? How can we apply these new understandings to meet people’s real needs? In this workshop, Denny Royal, Azul Seven’s Design Principal, and Lisa Helminiak, CEO will explore how human-centered design and biomimicry innovation methods can help us better understand design challenges through the lens of human need and tap into nature’s genius to find new solutions for service design and delivery.

This workshop will present a baseline explanation of biomimicry and how the practice dovetails with human-centered design methods, and provide opportunities for hands-on work to help participants understand how biomimicry can fit into service design methods.

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Lisa Helminiak

CEO, Azul Seven
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Lisa is the co-founder and CEO of Azul Seven, a human-centered design consultancy. Lisa started Azul Seven with the goal of improving people's lives by helping technologists, designers and business leaders work together to solve problems and improve outcomes for those they serve. Lisa works with the Azul Seven team to ensure the organization evolves to meet the needs of clients and emerging industries. Her background as a strategist, her interest in innovation and her desire to help people keep her focused on technology's impact on human behavior and the economy and how it can improve lives. She has taught and lectured widely about technology’s impact on business and organizations, and has taught graduate level coursework at the University of St. Thomas.

Denny Royal

Design Principal, Azul Seven
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Denny Royal is a principal and Azul 7’s design thinking and biomimicry practice leader, Denny Royal has grown and nurtured the organization’s human-centered design and biomimicry practices. Denny’s background in design research, customer experience, brand, design, biomimicry and technology allows him to bring a holistic and regenerative approach to solving client’s challenges.

Denny holds a BFA in design and a minor in cultural anthropology from Ball State and an MS in Biomimicry from Arizona State University. He is a regular speaker at various industry conferences advocating for design processes that put the users at the center of the approach and use nature’s designs to inspire solutions.