Workshop: Lessons from Black Mirror: Design Fiction for Service Design

In today's world, technology is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Once fantastical technologies—like AR/VR, self-driving cars, and hyper-speed public transit—are quickly becoming reality with little time to explore their unintended consequences. At the same time, current service design artifacts—such as service blueprints and customer journey maps—fall short when it comes to capturing the dynamic landscape in which these near-future services will exist. That's where design fiction comes in.

We believe that design fiction, a storytelling-based practice that has emerged from the fields of speculative and critical design, can be a practical and generative service design method. It has the potential to explore possible consequences and spark conversation about the social, cultural, and ethical implications of near-future services.

In our workshop, we will introduce participants to design fiction, explain how it can be applied as a service design approach, and lead two tangible activities that demonstrate the application of design fiction as a storytelling and prototyping tool. Participants will leave with a new method in their pocket and some thoughts about our not-so far future that might keep them up at night. :)

halle_headshot - Halle Murray.jpg

Halle Murray

Service and Interaction Designer, Fjord

With a foundation in engineering and design, Halle is a creative and analytical problem solver. She is passionate about learning about/advocating for users, synthesizing data in meaningful ways, and creating impactful services. At Fjord, Halle has worked on a wide variety of client projects, from leading primary research and co-creation workshops for large retail companies, to building an approachable and effective technology platform for a non-profit social service provider.

Halle has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Ohio State University and a M.S. Engineering Design and Innovation from Northwestern University.

chanda_headshot - Chanda Patel.jpg

Chanda Patel

Service & Interaction Designer, Fjord

Chanda is a designer and breakfast enthusiast at Fjord Chicago. She applies design to a range of problems, drawing on research and her understanding of people to create meaningful services and solutions for clients, businesses, and users. Her experiences include conducting exhaustive customer research for a large retailer, shaping the digital strategy for a major healthcare network, and creating a Mac OS photo-book application.

Chanda has practiced both digital experience design and physical product design. Chanda has a BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University.