Let's Be Mindful: Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Service Design for Health and Health Care

"The needs of the patient come first" has been the primary value of the Mayo Clinic for over 100 years. Patient needs and expectations change over time as new treatments, technologies, and patient attitudes about their health and care unfold. A recent surge of research progress and interest in Artificial Intelligence is poised to transform how patient needs are expressed and how care is delivered. What is the role and responsibility of service design in this opportunity? This talk will  review the current state of Artificial Intelligence and discuss the opportunities for designing human-centered health products and services using case examples for discussion. A set of tools, provocative questions, and places to begin when seeking to bring AI into our service design practices will be offered as a start to community discussion.


Barbara Barry, Ph.D.

Design Strategist, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation and Assistant Professor in the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Barbara Barry, Ph.D. is the Design Strategist for the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation and an Assistant Professor in the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. She is an interdisciplinary research scientist who uses applied anthropology and computer science to fuel innovation in industry, public and humanitarian sectors. She has led human-centered design programs for Mayo Clinic to improve young adult health and co-designed patient-centered care models for emerging markets. Prior to joining the Mayo Clinic, Barry was the Director of Learning and Research for the One Laptop per Child Foundation where she led a collaboration with the United Nations to improve refugee education for primary school children by leveraging technology in community. In the healthcare arena, she has worked with neuroscientists and psychiatrists to develop digital mental health solutions and led fieldwork to understand scalable mental health interventions during humanitarian crises. Her designs have been featured in I.D. Magazine and MIT Technology Review, and her research is published in academic conferences and journals, such as ACM Multimedia and AI Magazine.

Barbara has a B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a Ph.D. and M.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology focusing on Human Computer Interaction and applications of AI.