Space as a Connector

We can sometimes take the power of physical space and how it can foster meaningful connections and moments for granted. Through an example of how we have recently recommended space design changes, we will talk through how space can change the culture of an organization, create connections with all levels of an organization and foster a new way of thinking and working.  

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Radhika Gupta

Senior Design Director, Fjord

Radhika (Hika) Gupta is a Senior Manager, co-leading Visual and Service Design in Fjord Chicago Studio. Hika brings a deep understanding of user-centered design thinking and methodologies paired with a strong foundation of story-telling, service and strategy and visual communication skills which drive towards leading teams to craft compelling experiences and services. Hika’s passion for innovation and joyful interactive experiences have been used to help clients such as Samsung, Wrigley, The City of Chicago, Accredo, Takeda and several start-up organizations. Radhika has a Master of Design Degree from the Institute of Design in Chicago. She has been working in the field for over 15 years.