Thank You for Your Service Design: Showing You Care Through Design Research

The VA went through a major scandal in 2014 with reports of long wait times and poor service for veterans. In response, the administration made a lot of changes, including the creation of the Veterans Experience Office (VEO). During a major research effort, the VEO team went across the country to interview people about their experiences accessing and navigating VA healthcare. We heard a lot stories of about VA’s successes, and a few about VA’s failures. After many of the interviews, the veterans would do something that caught VEO team members by surprise. They thanked us for our service to veterans. These moments made it clear that spending an hour with someone to learn about their unique perspective doesn’t just help you build better services, it also sends a clear signal that the organization cares about the people it serves.

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Jaryn Miller

Service Designer, The Lab at OPM

Jaryn is a service designer based in San Francisco. He is a hands-on, passionate designer, researcher and maker with the Veterans Experience team. Throughout his career Jaryn has used design thinking to develop products and services across the consumer, medical, military, and social sectors. From early childhood education to the environmental impacts of consumer waste, Jaryn has always enjoyed utilizing design as a tool to try and tackle complex societal issues.